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Captain curtain cleaning Perth specialises in cleaning all types of curtains varying from cotton and silk to pencil pleats and many others. To keep your curtains smelling fresh even after our curtain cleaning Canning Vale team works and leaves, we use fabric-protecting solutions. Moreover, we help our clients in and around Canning Vale by providing satisfactory services using the latest technology in the industry. In fact, we have a skilled local team for curtain cleaning service that is even capable of customising an on-the-spot cleaning technique. So, contact us today at 0870 787 696 for more information on our services or related queries. 

The Benefits You Get On Availing Experts Help For Curtain Cleaning Service 

It is always the expert’s hands that can make your curtains free of all their issues as experts as certified, skilled, ventured and licensed. So, see how your curtains and yourself can benefit from experts. 

  • Improves Air Quality: As soon as experts reach your place to do curtain cleaning, they focus on improving indoor air quality. To make this possible, they remove all the allergens like viruses, mould, bacteria, mildew and hidden dirt. 
  • Extends Curtain Life: To let you not re-invest in your curtains, experts work in such a way that they work on extending the curtain’s life. For extending your curtains’ life, experts inspect the fabric carefully and implement appropriate cleaning methods. 
  • New-Like Condition: Curtains should be handled gently and thus experts take extra care in order to give them new-like conditions. In fact, certified experts are capable of making your curtains regain their lustre and elegance.  
  • Eliminates Pet Excretes: If you want your curtains free of pet excretes and their dander, there is no better option than experts aid. Because experts also take care of allergen removal as allergens from pet urine and stains grow on curtains.  
  • Replace Unusual Odours: Curtains easily trap odours but reversing this situation cannot be easily done when are at work, this is possible. With the experience, skills and expertise they have, experts replace unusual odours with pleasant ones. 

We Are The No.1 Provider Of The Curtain Cleaning Canning Vale Services

As there are many problems a curtain gets to experience, we also came forward to provide different cleaning services for each problem. Thus, we offer more than one curtain cleaning Canning Vale service at affordable prices and became the no.1 provider for it. 

Curtain Dry Cleaning Service 

With a curtain dry cleaning service like ours in Canning Vale, your fabric curtains are meant to get the utmost fabric care without a doubt. Moreover, with professional and certified curtain cleaners like us, dirt, dust, debris, pet dander and pollens will be removed with ease. Thus, when you find your curtains are fading over time, then take the assistance of our licensed curtain dry cleaners for effective help. 

Curtain Steam Cleaning Service 

Our curtain services also include the customisation of curtain steam cleaning services that involve soil extraction and steam cleaning. In fact, we also do post-steam sanitation that involves a drying time of about 2 to 3 hours once we complete the cleaning process. Thus, get in touch with our steam cleaning team and grab our deep cleaning service if you want even the allergens to get killed. 

Curtain Mould Removal Service

In Canning Vale, we are one of the few teams that offer local experts help when a client requests us for curtain mould removal service. As we know mould further spreads while it’s removed from the curtain, we follow the most careful and gentlest processes. Therefore, as soon as you plan to give your curtains mould treatment, you can be hesitant-free to avail of our service in Canning Vale. 

Curtain Stain Removal Service 

Are your DIY tips and tricks for pet paw stains not working on your cotton curtains and instead causing further damage? No worries. If it stains you want to get rid of your cotton or any other curtains, you got our curtain stain removal experts back. From inspecting the affected area thoroughly to tailoring the right methods of stain removal, we do everything quickly but perfectly. 

Curtain Rehanging Service 

When we are cleaning your curtains, we take them off their rods for better results and so we take rehanging them as our responsibility. A bonus for you is that there is no need for you to pay extra curtain cleaning prices when we are rehanging your curtains. So, browse for our Canning Vale-based company to clean curtains while hanging. 

Curtain Anti-Allergen Treatment

An individual with no experience and proper skills cannot allergy-proof his or her curtains, but professionals like us can do it. Furthermore, thing is that with us around for your curtain anti-allergen treatment, you find that allergic symptoms are decreasing rapidly. So, trust our anti-allergen treatment for curtains to make your curtains free of microbes and germs in addition to allergens.

Here Are A Few Of The Many Curtains, Drapes & Blinds We Clean

Oftentimes, people forget to care for their curtain’s health and hygiene that curtains tend to become dull and dingy over time. However, if you do not want to make this mistake and instead need professional curtain cleaning in Canning Vale, ping us. We are a ready team that cleans a wide range of curtains by dusting curtains such as,

  • Velvet curtains
  • Silk curtains
  • Linen curtains
  • Cotton curtains
  • Pencil pleat curtains
  • Linen blended with rayon curtains
  • Acrylic curtains
  • Polyester curtains and so forth. 

Yes, there are numerous drapes cleaning services you might not know how to clean each of them as they need cleaning fabric accordingly. But when you contact a professional curtain cleaning Canning Vale team like ours, you get solutions for all drapery cleaning. We do drapery cleaning for the following types:

  • Grommet drapes
  • Goblet pleat drapes
  • Bohemian pleat drapes
  • Rod pocket drapes
  • Pinch pleat drapes
  • Ring top drapes
  • Single panel drapes
  • Panel pair drapes, etc. 

Many a time you do not find the right cleaning method for the blinds cleaning and this is because there is no perfect method than taking an expert’s help. So, if you are in a situation like this, there is no need to worry as you got our expertise in cleaning various blind types like the below:

  • Rolling blinds 
  • Motorized blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Venetian blinds
  • Mini blinds
  • Panel Blinds
  • Faux wooden blinds and
  • Illusion blinds

Why Are We The Most Recommended Curtain Cleaning Company In Canning Vale?

From inspecting your curtains thoroughly to cleaning them on both sides and giving you a follow-up report, we provide a lot to our clients. Because of our advanced technology involvement, local experts helping you out, etc, we became the most recommended team. Many other reasons are as follows:

  • Affordable Services: We have become the favourite of Canning Vale clients, both old and new because of our affordable curtain cleaning cost. In fact, we also maintain transparent pricing by not charging travelling expenses and other hidden charges. 
  • Timely Manner Aid: As our curtain cleaners belong to and nearby areas of Canning Vale, we assure timely manner aid. Moreover, assurance for the timely manner of emergency and same-day service will also be given to clients. 
  • Best Equipment: When executing a cleaning method for your curtains, we use the best equipment that is noiseless. Also, we carry along the necessary equipment required for curtain cleaning saving you from additional investments. 
  • Fabric-Protecting Agents: The cleaning agents we use for all kinds of curtain fabrics are best-in-class and fabric-protecting. Furthermore, our curtain fabric-protecting agents are kid-friendly and pet-friendly too. 
  • Certified Professionals: All those professionals we dispatch for effective curtain cleaning are both certified and licensed. When recruiting these professionals, we make sure to do a thorough background check on them.

For Every Area In & Nearby Canning Vale, Our Local Experts Are Available To Serve 

As mentioned previously, we clean a wide range of curtains in Canning Vale, this is applicable to other nearby regions as well. Our curtain cleaning Canning Vale team has appropriate experts that work for Parkwood, Leaming, Treeby, Thornlie and Willetton clients. In addition to this, we dispatch our professionals to Jandakot, Harrisdale, Piara Waters, etc, as a local company of Canning Vale. So, there is no need to worry about the health of your curtains once you put them in our skilled hands. We have regional experts for every area you name in and nearby Canning Vale! Our expert have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.

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Pocket friendly service

Rated 4.0 out of 5
January 27, 2023

Their curtain cleaning prices are pocket friendly. The service they deliver is extraordinary. I chose to do off-site curtain cleaning. The pickup and installation were very smooth. This is my go-to curtain cleaning service in Perth.

Jess Watkin

Affordable and quality cleaning

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 27, 2023

After some horrible experiences, I came across Captain Curtain Cleaning. The services are affordable for the quality they deliver. The whole process was extremely smooth. The cleaning team was extremely professional and polite. I am happy with their service.


Utmost perfection

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 27, 2023

I chosen Captain Curtain Cleaning after looking at their curtain cleaning reviews. The experts cleaned my silk curtains with utmost perfection. I will recommend their curtain cleaning services in Perth.



What dry cleaning curtains cost I can expect to pay after the service?

There are no overall dry cleaning curtains cost one can estimate when you are availing of our service as it depends on,
Size of curtain
Curtain fabric 
Dirt it accumulated 
Extend of damages, etc.

Is washing curtains at home advisable?

Yes, washing curtains at your home is advisable. But you have to first check the manufacturer’s label and then decide to go for curtain washing at home. You can even contact us for curtain washing service!

If I book an emergency on-site curtain cleaning from your company, how long do I need for your arrival?

For emergency and same-day on-site curtain cleaning service, we reach your place within 1 hour if you book us on a weekday. However, if you book us on a weekend, then we arrive within the next 24 working hours. If you still have any queries, do contact our customer care team.

Do I need to provide it while you are cleaning curtains at home?

Whenever we are dispatched for cleaning curtains at home, we carry all the cleaning agents and equipment along with us. Therefore, all you need to do is relax and no need to worry about other minimal things. So, count on us as we as just a call away!

If I’m in an emergency need of drapes cleaning services, can I book it on a Sunday?

Yes, you can make bookings for our drapes cleaning services even on Sundays as we are available for bookings even on weekends. So, call us today!