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7 Amazing Professional Tips To Clean Your Curtain Pelmets

Curtains are the beauty enhancer of any space. Therefore, to make your space appealing and lively, it’s crucial to keep them clean. Clean and well-creased curtains make the ambience look clean. Though keeping your curtain clean all the time is a tedious job it also helps to keep the surroundings healthy. Moreover, giving some time for cleaning at regular intervals for the curtain and its pelmets also help to increase its shelf life.

However, cleaning varies as per the pelmets in your house. Each pelmet is supposed to be taken care of with special consideration. Therefore, you might be worried about how to clean curtain pelmets on your own, so let us help you in the best possible way. Hire Captain curtain cleaning Perth professionals they can can help you.

Must Know 7 Professional Tips To Clean Your Curtain Pelmets

1. Steam Cleaning

Though you have used this method many times on your own, using the right tricks and methodology can ease your job. Taking out the curtain pelmets down is not an easy thing to do, therefore, many people opt for the method of cleaning while the pelmets are in their place. Steam cleaning is the most recommended method of cleaning curtain pelmets.

Fabric steam cleaning can be done when you pull your curtains tightly. Unfold all the fabric rolling present at the pelmets and use steam to clean each corner of it. For deep cleaning make sure that the fabric present on the pelmet is tight and henceforth, you can move your steamer smoothly over the pelmets.

2. Vacuum Cleaning

Before you move forward with the cleaning process and its procedures, it’s better to remove all the grime, dirt, dust, and other foreign particles from the pelmet. Using a good vacuum cleaner helps increase its life as well as removes all the dirt and dust. Usually, a top layer is formed of dust. Cleaning creates the flourishing look of the ambience.

3. Wash With Soap

Though washing the curtain pelmet is a tedious job. But it requires special effort. A lot of water logging takes place if we wash the curtain pelmets while they are hanging at their place. Therefore to ease your job you may take them down and wash them with the help of soap.

Before you start washing the pelmets, read the instructions on whether your pelmet is favourable to it or not. While washing with the soap, take a large bowl of lukewarm water and add detergent to it, and then start the cleaning process. You can also apply the detergent directly to the pelmets. 

4. Regular Maintenance

Regular cleaning decreases your efforts. When you clean your curtain pelmets weekly or monthly, it decreases the possibility of attracting microbes and bacteria. Therefore, the hygiene level of the place remains sound.

Moreover, if there is a normal repair, you can acknowledge it on time and make things work out before it’s too late. Hence, if you are looking for how to clean curtain pelmets, then regular cleaning can save you time and energy.

5. Dusting And Dry Cleaning

Sometimes, cleaning requires special caution. A few pelmets are not favourable to every method of cleaning. Therefore, ducting and dry cleaning are also the best ways. If you are looking for how to clean curtain pelmets, you can try these two tactics. It increases the lifespan of the pelmets.

6. Hand Washing

The pelmets should be washed and cleaned cautiously. Some curtain pelmets have frills, multiple layers, and accessories on them. Therefore washing them with proper care is crucial. Hand washing reduces the risk of further damage. You may apply the pressure as per the requirement of the pelmets.

7. Call The Professionals

Taking the help of a professional is always advisable. An expert always knows what kind of cleaning methodology is required on particular pelmets. Therefore, if you are looking for how to clean curtain pelmets, you may ping the professionals near you. 


Cleaning of the curtain pelmet is always advisable by professionals. It is always said that regular cleaning helps to increase the durability of curtain pelmets. In case you wonder how to clean curtain pelmets, then you may also take the help of professionals. Doing so may help to save time and energy. Therefore, reach the nearest cleaners and make your surroundings healthy and clean.