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How To Deal With Mouldy Curtains

There are many ways a curtain could get stained and cause problems for you and your family. One of the main reasons is the formation of moulds. Moulds can cause many diseases in humans and can be dangerous for the curtains as well. Moulds are generally formed when the curtains have moisture in them. Humid conditions are one of the main reasons for the formation of moulds in your curtains. There are many more problems that can be caused by the formation of moulds. You can get rid of the moulds using DIY methods or professionals. To know about how to deal with mouldy curtains, read the blog carefully. 

Removing Mould From The Curtains

Steps Required For Removing Mould From The Curtains- 

Step 1- Read Manufacturer’s Manual- This is the first and the most important step required to deal with mouldy curtains. There are many types of curtains and all are made up of different materials. It is important to know about the material of the curtain before cleaning it. You can find out everything about the curtains by looking in the manufacturer’s manual. It provides information about the fabric and also the ways you can clean the curtains. 

Step 2- Dust The Curtains- Dusting the curtains is very important before cleaning them. Dusting helps in removing stains and dirt from the curtains. There are many ways by which you can dust your curtains. Vacuuming is the best option to get rid of the dirt from the curtains. It is effective and important to deal with mouldy curtains. All you need to do is connect an attachment to the vacuum cleaner and run it all over the curtains. Cover all the corners to remove all kinds of dust and bacteria from the curtains.

Step 3- Apply Stain Remover And Bleach Powder Alternatively- Once you get rid of the dust from the curtains, you must take care of the stains and moulds. To get rid of the moulds from the curtains you need to apply a stain remover and you can alternatively apply a mixture of 1 part bleach powder and 4 parts of water. Make sure to cover all the parts of the curtains to get rid of stains and moulds. This solution is very much effective in getting rid of stains as well as moulds from the curtains. 

Step 4- Machine Wash The Curtains- One of the most important steps to deal with mouldy curtains is washing them in the washing machine. Machine washing is mostly preferred to remove stains and moulds because it is more effective than hand cleaning. Once the stain remover does its job you can put your curtains in the washing machine and add some amount of detergent to them. This will not only remove the stains but it will also help in removing the moulds from the curtains. You can add lemon extract and salt to the stain and moulds for better results. This will also help you in providing fragrance to your curtains. 

Step 5- Dry Them- There are various ways to dry a curtain but hanging them is the best option to do it. This will help in drying the curtains naturally without the use of any dryer. The dryer can damage the curtains so it is not recommended to dry the curtains. 

Reasons For Accumulation Of Moulds On The Curtains- 

Moisture- Moisture is one of the reasons why mould gets accumulated on the curtains. There are various reasons why moisture can come into your house. You must avoid moisture by turning on the exhaust and fans in your house.

Unhygienic Environment- This is another reason why moulds can come into your house. If your curtains are not cleaned and maintained regularly, you will surely see the formation of mould in your curtains. You must clean your curtains regularly and also hire professional cleaners once in a while to get rid of the stains and mould from your curtains. 

Hire Professional Cleaners- 

Your curtains need regular professional cleaning services in order to maintain them and prolong their lifespan. There are so many benefits to hiring a professional curtain cleaning company. They know the right methods for cleaning the curtains effectively. There are various curtain cleaning companies that offer curtain cleaning services across Perth. If you are looking for the best curtain cleaning service providers in Perth, you can go with Captain curtain cleaning Perth. We offer all kinds of curtain cleaning services at reasonable prices. We have all the professional tools that are useful in removing all kinds of stains from the curtains. Our experts are the best option for you to deal with mouldy curtains. To hire us, you can call now on 08 7078 7696.