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Expert Tips To Remove Curtain Mould

How To Get Rid of Black Mould – 6 Expert Tips To Remove Curtain Mould

Black moulds on curtains are shameful in front of guests. However, black moulds even act as harmful elements to your health. Common health issues associated are respiratory problems, asthma, pneumonia and many other serious diseases. As you are aware cleaning the black mould from the kitchen and bathroom. In the same way, cleaning mould from curtains is also very important. And black mould is quite a challenge. Moreover, black mould can be present in your curtains due to cracks in your walls. Nevertheless, in this blog, we will be discussing: expert tips to remove curtain mould. Follow the below article related to “Expert tips to remove curtain mould” carefully. 

Expert Tips To Remove Curtain Mould

Six Effective Tips To Remove Mould From Your Curtains 

Damp belongings are the main cause of mould on your curtains. Hiring a professional is not always the best thing when you can try effective DIY methods to eliminate mould from your curtains. Thus, here are some expert tips to remove curtain mould which are listed below: 

  • Decide You Can Eliminate Mould Yourself: Before eliminating black mould from your curtains, you must question yourself. Whether you should hire a certified expert for removing black mould from curtains or you can use DIY solutions for it. Well, the above question is dependent on the size of the black mould on your curtains. Moreover, the United States Environmental Protection Agency says it is okay to remove black mould from curtains yourself if the problem or the infection is small. Apart from this, you can consult to professional curtains cleaning service when your house is suffering from intense health issues. Hence for eliminating mould from curtains, analysing size is important. 
  • Eliminate Black Mould From Curtain With Soap: Secondly, people speak out on whether soap, bleach or a natural curtain cleaning solution such as vinegar is the most productive way to remove black mould from the curtain. But most of the professionals and even we suggest you agree with the first solution above that is soap. Thus simply wash the mould of the curtains with soap and scrub it off. So if you have black mould on the curtain and even on the wall surface then you can use the soapy solution, and flush the mould away. Moreover, much research suggests never using any harmful chemicals for black mould which causes intense damage to your health. 
  • Remove Black Mould with Bleach: Furthermore, you can use dilute bleach for removing the black mould from your curtains and even from white surfaces. Further, bleach is also a good way to remove black mould from the tile in your kitchen and bathrooms. While applying bleach to the black mould on your curtains, wear gloves. And even make sure to protect yourself from the toxic fumes of the bleach. Regardless if scrubbing bleach is not at all effective for your curtains. Then consult the experts and you can even soak the affected area of the curtain with bleach. Further for the adversely affected area, you can take the help of cotton cloth to apply bleach to the affected area. And leave the bleached curtain overnight. Even we suggest you try the bleaching method by doing a patch test first. 
  • Use White Vinegar For Removing Black Mould: Next most important tip to remove black mould from curtains is using white vinegar. Sprinkle white vinegar onto the affected part, gently brush and dry it with a dryer. Nevertheless, bleach will help in killing the growth of mould from curtains but on the contrary note white vinegar is the best choice than any other thing for curtain fabric. Thus white vinegar helps in preventing mould from the roots. Simply it stops the re-growing of the black mould. 
  • Natural Cleaners For the Mould Removal: Kitchen cleaners and laundry detergents act as the most effective products for fixing the mould problem on your curtains. Thus natural home cleaner like baking soda is one of the best solutions to remove black mould from the curtains. Moreover, you can mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda, for eliminating black mould from your house or office curtains. 

Further, you can apply the above solution to the curtain with the help of a toothbrush. Then wait for 20 minutes, and rinse the solution with the cold water. Apart from this, you can even use a teaspoon of tea oil. Thus mix the tea oil with one cup of normal water. Hence spray this solution on the mould and rest it for one hour. Then after this, you can wipe the tea oil with a clean cloth. Regardless, tea oil is considered to be a natural fungicide for removing mould. 

  • Washing Machine Hack: Do you want to remove black mould from the curtains? Then simply washing the curtains with warm water on the laundry day is best. However, you can wash the plastic curtains which are affected due to black mould with your hands only. And for other fabric, while washing the black mould curtains in a machine add two towels with them. Hence adding the two towels will help in transferring the black mould from the curtains to the towels very effectively. Moreover, it will not affect your curtain’s texture and fabric. Also, safe washing curtains in the machine will protect them from wearing and tearing. 


Expert tips to remove curtain mould: Hope the above six tips will be very helpful for eliminating black mould from curtains. But if you want to avoid any damage in future, we suggest you hire a professional as soon as possible. Captain curtain cleaning Perth provide best curtain cleaning services. As we all know black mould is harmful to health and causes some diseases like asthma, and pneumonia as mentioned above. The professionals will use safe solutions and handy tools for removing mould from the curtains. Moreover, professionals with effective methods cause zero damage to your curtains and increase their life.