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Curtain Cleaning Process: Keep It Like New Always

Planning to learn new and keep it fresh ways to clean your curtains at home? We know that washing those curtains is a super daunting task by itself. It has multiple factors you might even forget. And if you forget one step or another, instead of cleaning, you might make a blunder. So, avoid causing yourself any trouble with the curtain cleaning process. Learn the steps we described below and keep your drapes new as always. 

curtain cleaning services
curtain cleaning services

Check the curtain label:

Before stepping onto any cleaning process, you must be clear about the instructions of the curtain you own. That is possible using the cleaning instructions or tips given on the tags of the curtains. This way, you will know which types of cleaning process you can deploy at home for those curtains. 

Prepare your curtains for a wash:

Assuming that you will be washing curtains using the machine, you should prepare them for the same. To do so, you have to take the curtains off their handles. Be careful about it. You don’t want to tear off or break anything. If you can’t do it alone, take help from anyone at home.

Then, vacuum the curtains to remove as much dirt as possible. This will free your dirty curtains from any particles when they are put inside the machine. Also, ensure that there is no hardware like hooks or rings remaining in the curtains.

Wash the curtains with cold water:

Unless mentioned otherwise in the manual to wash your curtains, use the cold water at home. It’s the best remedy to make your old, dusted, and dull curtain new with every wash. 

Use the lowest heating and delicate washing feature mentioned in your washing machine for curtains. And you must not use any strong detergent for your regular curtain cleaning Process activities at home. 

Otherwise, they can end up destroying their beauty, coloring and appeal. You don’t want that. Instead, you want your curtain to look fresh and new with each wash. Thus, use cold water and mild detergent. 

Use different methods to dry your wet curtains:

Now, this is a crucial step. If you go wrong, the curtains might shrink. And you don’t want that. So, you can either go for Curtain steam cleaning at home tips or use the low heating system to dry curtains at a slower pace. However, to be precise, it’s always best to take help from the professionals or manuals associated with your curtains. You must have a manual somewhere in the house if you bought your curtain off-lately. 

If that’s not possible, you can take help from your homemaker friends to know about the best tips related to any steam cleaner for curtains

Iron your curtains at low heat:

After you’re done drying the curtain, you can iron them on low heat. It will remove all the creases from your curtains or drapes. This is a must-have step before you hang those curtains back again against the hooks to bring back the appeal indoors. 


You always have a choice while it comes to cleaning those curtains in a new way. If you don’t have time or much knowledge, take a financially feasible decision. That is to hire a professional curtain cleaning company like Captain curtain cleaning Perth near you. It is an alternative to save time and unnecessarily increasing costs when you don’t even know which product to use and how.